About Bee

I’m a real young woman with REAL beauty, lifestyle, and wellness advice. I believe in "effortless" beauty. Now, that doesn't mean I'm a proponent of going au naturale...you'll see what I mean.

On this blog, I will share SIMPLE wisdom that keeps my beauty regimen easy, quick, and effective. I will recommend products that actually work and I'll help steer you clear of products that disappoint.

In the past, I used to be somewhat of a beauty product junkie. I wasted a lot of time and money on gimmicky products that just weren't worth it. I'm a tad bit older now and much wiser. I understand the value of a dollar and I know that life is better spent living than primping in front of a mirror. A product is only worth my money if it does something incredible or if it saves me some time or money down the line.

Simple beauty--that's what it's all about!
<3 Bee

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