Friday, August 3, 2012

Fab 5 Under $4

Feeling thrifty? These five fabulous products will leave you feeling beautiful AND practical.

$3, Target
I am amazed that I found a flat top brush that I absolutely love for just $3. It has become my absolute favorite powder brush. The bristles feel smooth and soft, but are dense enough to stand firm and buff powders into the desired level of coverage. Helps me achieve the matte coverage I prefer when applying mineral foundation, but also works wonders with blush and finishing powder. So far, no shedding (which is a major plus). I don't think it will last forever (I predict that the metal brush head will detach at some point). But for the price, I could just stock up on these and be as rough on them as I want!

$1.99, drugstores
I absolutely love the look of matte nails and I was looking into purchasing some Zoya or O.P.I. matte colors. While shopping around, I discovered that you can buy matte top coats and just paint over the colors you already have to give them that matte effect. The top coats I found weren't cheap, but I figured they would be worth it since they would keep me from purchasing all new matte colors. Before I decided to pull the trigger and just buy one, I saw this N.Y.C. matte top coat at Target. For a $1.99, I figured it was worth a shot. Works like a charm! Completely dulls away the glossy shine of any polish. It's fun playing around and seeing how different polishes look with the matte coat on top. Turns out there is no need to shell out the extra cash on a high end brand to achieve perfectly matte nails after all.

This is a great little eyelash curler! It works well, comes with a replacement rubber pad, and is easy and comfortable to grip. What more could you want from an eyelash curler? At just one dollar, this little guy is a total steal!

$2.99, Target
EOS lip balms smell great and actually make my lips feel softer, smoother, and healthier. I just had one quibble with these little spheres of goodness: where's the SPF!? The other flavors don't provide any protection. But for some reason, this deliciously scented flavor contains SPF, making it a total must-have.
$2.99, Target

This pretty much universally flattering light punch of color has enough moisturizing power and enough sun protection (SPF 20!) to bring a smile to even the pickiest of pouts. And it's only $2.99!

See? Beauty pick-me-ups for any budget!


<3 Bee
Hello, world.

I apologize for my long absence. I've been a bit busy...and...It's been kind of hard to stay motivated with this thing. You see, I haven't told any of my friends or family that I've been keeping this blog. I've been trying to see if I can build a readership without the benefit of friendly word of mouth. It's been a bit tedious--even disheartening at times...

But I'm over the slump! Audience or none, I have tons of content just sitting in my head waiting for me to devote the time it takes to share it with...cyberspace.

Expect an influx of new posts, tips, and product reviews in the very near future.

Til then,

<3 Bee

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surprisingly Awesome

If you're anything like me, you assume that the majority of infomercial products are useless junk in reality. I must admit that, years ago,  the first time I saw an advertisement for the Turbie Twist, I laughed. It seemed like a total waste of money. I thought, yes, I get stays in's just a TOWEL!

Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I was browsing the hair accessory section at my local drugstore and I noticed the Turbie Twist displayed unassumingly amongst various hair styling paraphernalia. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I grabbed one and tossed it into my cart. I totally expected to think it was a waste of money and to give up on it after just one use, but, to my delight, my Turbie twist turned out to be surprisingly awesome!

I opted for the less expensive (by one dollar) unprinted microfiber version. I examined the package before I tried it out. The product claimed to be made of a "new" microfiber material that is supposed to dry your hair faster. I didn't even know these turbans were supposed to do that.

The Turbie Twist is thin and, at first glance, seems a bit flimsy. I doubted its ability to cut down drying time for my long, plentiful hair. The tag says that the product is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It's machine washable (always a relief). The back of the towel has an elastic loop. To use it, you're supposed to flip your wet hair over, place the back of the towel over the back of your head, and then drape the rest of the towel over the length of your hair. Then you simply twist the towel up around your hair and tuck the end of the fabric into the elastic loop (it's all very obvious and straight forward once you have the product in front of you).

So I decided to give it a try. At first, I thought the Turbie Twist was too small for my hair. The length of my hair was slightly longer than the length of the towel. But I just folded over the ends of my hair and twisted the towel around my wet locks. Worked just fine. If you have one of these and you have long hair, you can still fit your hair in the towel if you fold the ends of your hair over.

I was amazed to see that the Turbie Twist knocked at least a third off my usual drying time (probably more). The Turbie Twist IS thin, but it is surprisingly absorbent. It seems to just suck the moisture out of my hair.

And...the Turbie Twist IS liberating! It's not like having a bulky towel around your head. It's small, lightweight, and comfortable. It's also perfect to keep by the sink so I can quickly get my hair out of the way while I wash my face or apply make up.

I was surprised by how much I love this thing and decided I needed at least one more (although I knew I would have loved to have a whole set). I swung by the drugstore and grabbed a plain pink one. When I got home, I noticed that this one was 100% cotton. I guess I mistakenly bought the original version instead of the microfiber version. I was disappointed to discover that this cotton Turbie Twist lacked the absorbent power of my microfiber Turbie Twist.

Moral of the story: If you are going to buy a Turbie Twist, make sure it's the MICROFIBER Turbie Twist!

These things are awesome and you're going to want a whole set to use after each shower. I found this AMAZING deal on this set of four MICROFIBER Turbie Twists. Such a better price than what I paid at the drugstore.

Don't you just love when a product exceeds your expectations?

<3 Bee

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stunning Eyedust for Your Peepers!

Eye Love this stunning Lime Crime Eyedust! The colors are gorgeous and highly pigmented. They stay on all day and don't crease. In order to get the dramatic coverage shown in the pictures above, use a primer and apply this loose powder wet. You will love the results! For a lighter look, apply dry. Either way, this shadow is a great addition to any beauty arsenal. And did I mention that these little gems are affordable?! Love this stuff.

<3 Bee

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lip Butter Love

Top to Bottom: Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Plum, Lollipop
I decided to give Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butters a whirl, and I must admit I am impressed. The formula is buttery, smooth, and silky and it keeps lips feeling soft and hydrated. These lip butters are a welcomed departure from the average drying lipstick.

As you can see in the photo, lip butters provide a good amount of pigment, but also look shiny and glossy. High gloss lip sticks tend to smear easily and wear off quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised that these little guys actually have a bit of staying power. They are by no means long-wearing, but I would say that they maintain their full pigment and shine for at least an hour. After that, the gloss begins to fade, but the pigment stays on for an hour or so longer. I was surprised to see that these lip butters can even somewhat hold up through an entire meal (they lose a bit of shine while you're eating, but the pigment stays). Reapplication is necessary after a while, but it's not the sort of thing you have to worry about all day long.

As for the color selection, there are quite a few shades to choose from. Since this is a drugstore brand, you generally don't get to try before you buy. There is a certain amount of guesswork when it comes to selecting a shade. I like all three of the ones that I tried, but Sugar Plum is definitely a winner. It's one of those classic shades that can easily go from day to night. It has just the perfect balance of drama and that natural look. Strawberry Shortcake is cute enough, but I find it to be a bit more baby spice than strawberry in color. I also noticed that, unlike the other two, this shade seems a tad uneven upon application. It doesn't look as uniform and smooth as the other two shades I bought. I have a feeling that this lipstick looks better and smoother in medium-darker shades than it does in pale shades like Strawberry Shortcake. Lollipop is a pretty, bright, berry pink, but it is a bit too much for daytime. I think I will get a bit less use out of this one, but I still like the color.

Overall, I definitely recommend giving these lipsticks a try. Great product.

<3 Bee

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Love

Top two boxes: "Cherry Me"  Bottom two boxes: "Grapevine"
I picked up a couple of Maybelline's new Baby Lips lip balms at Target last week and I am so glad that I did!

These balms are super hydrating. They really do leave my lips feeling baby soft. More importantly, they contain SPF 20! They are lightly and pleasantly scented (to smell like the fruits after which each shade is named), but not flavored. Application of these balms is super smooth and imparts a light, sheer coat of just the right amount of color. They are not lipstick--just tinted balms. But I must say, I really like the two colors I picked up. I went for the two that appeared to be the most pigmented (a couple of them don't seem to have any color at all).

"Cherry Me" has a nice bright pink tint to it (as shown on my lips in the top right corner of the image). Despite its name, it's more of a pink than a red--doesn't have any orange tones to it (so it won't make your teeth look yellow).

The aptly named "Grapevine" has a nice grape-colored, purple, berry tint to it (as shown on my lips in the bottom left corner of the image). It looks really dark in the tube, but the color is very sheer once applied. I would say that this color is the more subdued of the two I purchased.

I think I prefer "Cherry Me" but I  am very pleased with both of these colors. These little guys are a great thing to carry around in my purse for whenever my lips need some extra moisture and to continually apply to keep my lips protected from the sun.

I am thrilled that these little guys have adequate sun protection. With summer just around the corner, it is crucial to remember that our lips need protection from the sun too! It's so easy to worry about the skin on your face and forget to apply SPF to your lips--especially since the vast majority of lip products contain no SPF.

Oh, and did I mention that they are totally affordable?? At just $2.99 a piece at Target, these lip balms are a total steal. Stock up on these little gems and you will keep your lips beautifully healthy--and you'll look cute while doing it!

<3 Bee

Overhyped and Overrated

These products aren't necessarily bad enough to make it to The Sh*t List, but they are still pretty disappointing.

This living, breathing list is reserved for products that fail to live up to the hype. These products received glowing reviews, came highly recommended, or touted themselves as some sort of miracle in a way that was at least semi-believable. Whatever the reason, I had hoped that these products would be less of a bust than they turned out to be. I will continually be adding to list as I encounter (or remember past encounters with) such disappointing products.

So, if you're considering buying into the hype surrounding any of the following products, read what I have to say before you try them out.
Let's start with one of the most overhyped and overrated products out there. I'm sure that, like me, you have been hearing for years that this stuff is just soooo great for the price and blablabla. I have tried various version of Maybelline's Great Lash and they all have been underwhelming. I have known this since high school, but I guess that from time to time I just keep deciding to revisit Great Lash due to all the undeserved accolades and hype surrounding these mascaras.

Learn from my mistake: Maybelline Great Lash mascaras are NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN worthy of the hype. I'm sorry. I have tried truckloads of great mascaras and this just doesn't even come close to being one of them.

With that said, it's not horrible. I've tried worse. But why would you want to settle for a product knowing that it's just "not the worst out there..."??

It doesn't lengthen lashes. It doesn't thicken lashes. It doesn't hold a curl. It doesn't last very long. It fades. It's a bit wet and can be messy. Even the "BIG blackest black" version is just way too thin and doesn't do much to amplify lashes. I suppose it's possible to achieve a decent amount of coverage--after like 10 coats.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Beauty Homework!

I bought this book on a whim about a year ago and I am so glad that I did. It really is an essential "owner's manual" when it comes to all things beauty and health.

In You Being Beautiful, authors Dr. Michael F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz (that's right--Dr. Oz) lay out a straightforward, informative, entertaining, and down-to-earth guide to understanding skin, hair, and other factors that determine both inner and outer-beauty.

The authors' colloquial and sometimes comical style of writing, along with their informative and funny illustrations and diagrams, make this encyclopaedia of crucial beauty knowledge a quick and easy read. You will probably want to read it cover to cover, but it is also a perfect reference to keep around whenever you have concerns or questions regarding your skin, hair, nails, or body.

I have recommended this book to friends, family, hair stylists, aestheticians, and even nurses. All of them have loved it just as much as I do!

So get your summer reading on! :)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tea, anyone?

Tea, anyone?

Tea, anyone? by beeyootiful

Ahh....maybe it's the warm weather getting to me, but I'm just in the mood to shop. I made this set to showcase the teatime- inspired items items I'm currently pining for. Items shown:


Monday, May 14, 2012

Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy by beeyootiful1

Just having one of those days where I'm lusting over shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Shoes pictured are by various designers. Images from,,, and For buying information and individual links, visit my polyvore account. 

<3 Bee

Saturday, May 12, 2012

B is for BLUSH

An homage to my absolute favorite blushes.B is for BLUSH

B is for BLUSH by beeyootiful1 featuring a Benefit Cosmetics makeup

It can be hard to find a great blush. These four aren't just great--they're phenomenal. They're fun, versatile, and look great on a wide variety of skintones.
  • Benefit Dallas: This amazing little box powder does double duty. It's a blush and a bronzer. It's warm, rosey, bronze-y hue looks great on a variety of skintones. It provides a light, buildable amount of color. It's great as a blush and can be used for contouring. It's a must-have bronzer for girls with cool skintones.
  • Benefit Hervana: This multi-colored blush looks kind of weird in the pan, but somehow the four colors magically blend together to create a perfect pink flush. When applied sparingly, this blush looks perfectly natural and is totally appropriate for casual daily use. Add more and the pink flush gets a dramatic boost perfect for a night on the town.
  • Kevyn Aucoin Pure Powder Glow in Myracle: At first glance, this blush looks terrifying. But it's so luciously smooth and blendable. It's a like a dream. It IS a truly a vibrant, electric, hot pink. But it's also pretty sheer. It's completely matte (no shimmers here!), making this bright color a lot more wearable. When applied very lightly, you end up with an instant heavenly pink glow. Add a bit more, and you end up with an amazing dramatic look. Of course, when applying something this bright and buildable you always want to be careful not to go overboard. But seriously, this is the best going-out blush ever. Looks great on light and dark skin alike. It's pricey, but it's worth it and one pan lasts forever. No beauty arsenal is complete without Myracle.
  • Nars Orgasm: It's popular for a reason. It's a shimmery coral-y peachy-pink that seems to flatter just about everyone. It looks frighteningly peach in the pan, but upon application it is much more pink looking. It does have a bit of a shimmer to it, but nothing too intense.

Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Bar

In my experience, black soap is usually a good thing. I've tried my fair share of dark soaps made from various ashes or mineral muds. They generally help tighten skin almost instantly and continued use results in clearer, smoother skin.

So, during a routine Target run, this velvetty black bar immediately caught my eye. Its formula includes palm ash, plaintain peel, tamarind extract, shea butter, aloe, oats, and Vitamin E. I was little wary of using a black soap that throws a large amount of shea butter in the mix. I worried that it might be too hydrating and cut back on the skin tightening effect of the palm ash. But, to my delight, upon using the soap it became clear that the shea butter does not overpower the other ingredients. It seems to be the perfect balance!

This soap has a pleasant, somewhat strong (but not overpowering) scent. It lathers lightly and leaves skin feeling clean. There are random bits of oats throughout the bar, giving it a nice exfoliating texture.

I am a big fan of quick fixes. I love when you can see (or feel) results after just one use of a product. This is definitely the case with the Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Bar. After your first use, your skin will feel tight and clean and your pores may look smaller. Blemishes might also appear smaller. Regular use of this soap can help tame problem skin, reduce redness, and clear up breakouts.

As with any ash or mud soap, it is very important to apply moisturizer after using this bar. If you use this stuff without following up with a decent moisturizer, your skin WILL dry out. Because this soap tightens skin, excessive use will most likely have a drying effect. It's probably not a good idea to use it both morning and night. Once daily in the shower should be plenty. If you are prone to dry skin, you might want to start out using it every other day.

I personally use it when I'm in the shower. I use it on both my face and my body. It has helped clear up the breakouts on my back and it has almost completely cleared up the mild keratosis pilaris (chronic skin bumpies/redness) on my upper arms. It's good stuff--but don't forget to follow with a good moisturizer!

Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Bar is available in stores at Target and Walgreens, but for some reason they don't sell the soap bar online. If I recall correctly, it costs about 5 or 6 dollars. That might sound pricey for a bar of soap, but this is a BIG 8oz bar that should last a while and it does some pretty great things. Oh, and it's formulated with awesome organic ingredients and it's free of yucky chemicals and synthetic fragrance. Definitely worth it!

<3 Bee

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Sh*t List

Until now, I have mostly just posted about products that I love. This post right here is my living breathing product sh*t list. I will frequently be editing and adding to this post as I encounter (or remember past encounters with) products that are more than disappointing: they're AWFUL. If a product makes it to this list, it's safe to say that it should be avoided at all costs.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ahhh....the little hair ties

Sometimes something so small and so simple can make you feel like....ahhhhhhhhhh.

I was at CVS last week browsing the haircare aisle and I noticed something interesting. Scunci has released a new line of hair ties called "Scunci Evolution." From a distance, these might look like your average "ouchless" or snag-resistant hair ties . . . but they are so much more.

I needed some new hair ties and this new evolution line was fairly priced so I figured I might give them a try...but then I saw this 21 piece pack of smaller, thinner black evolution hair ties. The included hair tie holder sold me. I had to take the plunge and try them out. I was so impressed that I went back and bought a 14 piece pack of translucent white hair ties in the larger size.

They are smooth and composed uniformly of a gelly silicone-like substance (so they are also snag-free). But these hair ties magically seem to just stay put. They really don't slip. I can put my hair up in a bun on top of my head using one of these and go to sleep...and my hair will actually STAY in that bun until morning. I move around quite a bit during my this is quite a feat.

I've also worn these new hair ties working out (ya know...jumping, dancing around, etc.) and my ponytail or bun stays exactly where it's supposed to. These hair ties are godsend for athletes and dancers.

But that's not the only reason these things are amazing. They are STRONG. Over the years, I have a few friends with super thick hair who constantly break hair ties. They only could use the thicker hair ties because the smaller ones didn't stand a chance. Well, I can say with certainty that even the thickest of hair is no match for these bad boys. They STRETCH. Even the smaller ones would be perfect for super thick hair.

And, since they really don't slip, you don't have to wrap them around a million times to make them stay put. I don't even need to wrap the little black ones around a second time to get them to stay in place (but I usually do anyway just to be extra safe).

As an added bonus, I am absolutely in love with the hair tie holder that my first set came with. Such a simple but such a GENIUS idea. As you can see in the image above, I added my white hair ties to this little pink thing. It's made of the same non-slip silicone-like gelly stuff that the hair ties are made of, so there's no real danger of it coming loose on one end. I constantly lose my hair ties so this is a great thing to have.

But...I am super confused. I cannot seem to find the smaller hair ties online anywhere. I wanted to find a site that carries the pack that includes the hair tie holder and link to it in this post. But I couldn't find them in cyberspace. However, I can assure you that they do exist and that CVS is currently carrying them in its stores. I have seen them at two different CVS stores as recently as yesterday.

I highly recommend these new hair ties for all hair types. My only warning is to (as you always should) remember to be gentle when removing the hair ties. They are completely smooth, so they are less likely to get tangled in your hair than traditional hair ties which have fibers and grooves. But, since they are so slip resistant, you should remove them slowly instead of yanking them out all at once. Unwrap the hair tie slowly if you wrapped it around. You want to be careful not to accidentally create too much friction and yank out some stray hairs.

But that's just common sense. These things are amazing! I will never go back to traditional hair ties. Head over to CVS and grab some!

<3 Bee

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skin Goodies!

Indulge in these goodies and you will be well on your way to glowing skin. 

Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face BrushDerma E Hyaluronic Hydating MistThayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel TonerSupracor Stimulite Body ScrubberImage Map
Sephora's Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush
$18, Sephora
I bought this fun little tool on a whim, not really expecting anything magical. Numerous rants and raves about the uber pricey Clarisonic cleansing system had me wondering if maybe a facial cleansing brush tool of sorts might be a worth-while investment. Of course, college student that I am, the Clarisonic is far beyond my reach. I bought this during my last trip to Sephora without doing any research, and I must admit, I am HIGHLY impressed. Both sides of this gadget feel much different from what I expected. The synthetic bristles on the brush side are much finer than I had thought they would. They feel soft to the touch but are fine enough to do an impressively thorough job cleansing the skin. I expected the nubby pink side to be harsh and kind of stiff, but the little pink scrubbers are thinner and softer than I expected, enabling them to exfoliate gently while massaging the face and increasing blood-flow to the skin. I find myself using both sides to cleanse and then sometimes using the pink side to also apply toner. This is a great buy and after just a few uses I saw improvement in my skin.
$13.50, 2 fl oz,

I'm pretty much addicted to this stuff. A few spritzes of this and my skin feels instantly revitalized. After just one use, my skin is noticeably firmer and plumper. It restores hydration instantly and absorbs quickly, without clogging pores or making skin look oily. You can even apply this stuff over a full face of make up--although I don't particularly recommend it. The mist is not quite fine enough to ensure that it won't cause make up to get blotchy or run. But still, this stuff is amazing. Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling experience or keep by your bedside to refresh before you sleep, and first thing in the morning.

$7.99, 12 fl oz,

Ever feel like your skin is missing something? Well, if you're skipping applying toner, your daily skincare regimen is lacking a vital step. A good witch hazel toner can help even your complexion, diminish redness and inflammation, and reduce blemishes. Witch hazel toners are relatively easy to come by, but this one has a few noteworthy specs that set it apart from the competition. First off, it is 100% free of drying and irritating alcohol. It contains organic aloe vera, which helps this toner hydrate as it clarifies. Lastly, it smells beautiful and rosey.

Supracor claims that this fabulous double-sided body scrubber even helps break down cellulite. While I'm not certain that I would go so far as to say it reduces my cellulite, I adore this exfoliating scrubber tool. It is the perfect shape and length to reach my entire body. One side is covered in firmer scrubbing cells; the other side covered in softer cells, making this tool perfect for all your scrubbing needs. I also really enjoy that, due to the material of which it is made and due to how it is constructed, I can hang this scrubber up in my shower without worrying about it getting nasty or mildewy. It is a very hygienic shower tool.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cure for the Common Eye Pencil

Four eyeliners that will make you want to ditch your old pencil and never look back.

It's hard to find a good eyeliner. Period.

I'll admit it. I'm picky. First off, I generally only wear black. And I like my blacks to be VERY black so that they make my light eyes pop. I want a liner that is pigmented, will stay put all day, that goes on smooth, doesn't make a mess, doesn't burn my eyes, and that is VERSATILE. That means that I want to be able to grab my eyeliner and quickly create a light, thin, blendable line during the day. Then I want to be able to grab that same eyeliner, and architect a fancy, heavier line for a dramatic night-time look. Basically, I want it all. And I want it all in one product.

With that said, I kind of hate traditional eye pencils. You have to sharpen them...they can be messy...they get dull really quick. A lot of them are too smudgy and just plain suck.

But alternative liners can be just as frustrating. Automatic "pencils" or "crayons" are often crumbly, smudgy, and don't last long enough. Liquid liners (especially the cheap ones) tend to burn my eyes...and cheap or not, they are usually messy and hard to apply. Loose powder liners are always a get the point.

Believe me when I tell you that over the years I have tried EVERYTHING. The following four eyeliners exceed my high expectations. They are my absolute faves.

$14.00 at

I LOVE THIS EYELINER. As I mentioned before, I kind of hate traditional eye pencils. Automatic, twist-up "pencils" are a logical alternative, but since you can't typically sharpen them, the point is usually too fat and dull to maintain precision. So I began to look for an "inner-eye" liner or a super fine automatic pencil. I was ecstatic when I found the Tarte EmphasEYES™ High Definition Eye Pencil at Sephora for $18. I was relatively satisfied with my first pencil. It crumbled a few times, causing me to go through the liner pretty quickly, but I figured I just must have closed it improperly at some point. So I bought another one, and then another one, and then another one, and so on. Each and every time the damn thing broke or crumbled. I went through them sooo fast. I must have bought that stupid eyeliner a dozen times before it occurred to me that it was a dry, crumbly, crappy product and a colossal waste of my time and money. I was just really attached to the idea of a super skinny automatic pencil. But finally, I wised up and stopped buying that awful product. Then, one day I was browsing my local CVS beauty 360 and I found this glorious, AFFORDABLE Lola fineline pencil. And I've never looked back. It never breaks or crumbles. It's highly pigmented and lasts all day. I can get as close to my lashline as I want with this thing. I can even line my inner lashline. Then, when I'm getting ready for a night out, I can use it to sculpt a heavier line. No sharpening, no mess. It's amazing. The only slight downside to this product is that it's a bit hard to find. Beauty 360 never seems to have it in stock anymore. So I just order it directly from Lola's website.

$8.00 at, $8.99 at Ulta

Felt tip liners are theory. They can provide the drama and pigment of an inky liquid liner without the mess. In most cases, the concept is too good to be true. I've tried eyeliner markers that have irritated my eyes, exploded, and smeared. More commonly,