Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skin Goodies!

Indulge in these goodies and you will be well on your way to glowing skin. 

Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face BrushDerma E Hyaluronic Hydating MistThayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel TonerSupracor Stimulite Body ScrubberImage Map
Sephora's Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush
$18, Sephora
I bought this fun little tool on a whim, not really expecting anything magical. Numerous rants and raves about the uber pricey Clarisonic cleansing system had me wondering if maybe a facial cleansing brush tool of sorts might be a worth-while investment. Of course, college student that I am, the Clarisonic is far beyond my reach. I bought this during my last trip to Sephora without doing any research, and I must admit, I am HIGHLY impressed. Both sides of this gadget feel much different from what I expected. The synthetic bristles on the brush side are much finer than I had thought they would. They feel soft to the touch but are fine enough to do an impressively thorough job cleansing the skin. I expected the nubby pink side to be harsh and kind of stiff, but the little pink scrubbers are thinner and softer than I expected, enabling them to exfoliate gently while massaging the face and increasing blood-flow to the skin. I find myself using both sides to cleanse and then sometimes using the pink side to also apply toner. This is a great buy and after just a few uses I saw improvement in my skin.
$13.50, 2 fl oz,

I'm pretty much addicted to this stuff. A few spritzes of this and my skin feels instantly revitalized. After just one use, my skin is noticeably firmer and plumper. It restores hydration instantly and absorbs quickly, without clogging pores or making skin look oily. You can even apply this stuff over a full face of make up--although I don't particularly recommend it. The mist is not quite fine enough to ensure that it won't cause make up to get blotchy or run. But still, this stuff is amazing. Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling experience or keep by your bedside to refresh before you sleep, and first thing in the morning.

$7.99, 12 fl oz,

Ever feel like your skin is missing something? Well, if you're skipping applying toner, your daily skincare regimen is lacking a vital step. A good witch hazel toner can help even your complexion, diminish redness and inflammation, and reduce blemishes. Witch hazel toners are relatively easy to come by, but this one has a few noteworthy specs that set it apart from the competition. First off, it is 100% free of drying and irritating alcohol. It contains organic aloe vera, which helps this toner hydrate as it clarifies. Lastly, it smells beautiful and rosey.

Supracor claims that this fabulous double-sided body scrubber even helps break down cellulite. While I'm not certain that I would go so far as to say it reduces my cellulite, I adore this exfoliating scrubber tool. It is the perfect shape and length to reach my entire body. One side is covered in firmer scrubbing cells; the other side covered in softer cells, making this tool perfect for all your scrubbing needs. I also really enjoy that, due to the material of which it is made and due to how it is constructed, I can hang this scrubber up in my shower without worrying about it getting nasty or mildewy. It is a very hygienic shower tool.