Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ahhh....the little hair ties

Sometimes something so small and so simple can make you feel like....ahhhhhhhhhh.

I was at CVS last week browsing the haircare aisle and I noticed something interesting. Scunci has released a new line of hair ties called "Scunci Evolution." From a distance, these might look like your average "ouchless" or snag-resistant hair ties . . . but they are so much more.

I needed some new hair ties and this new evolution line was fairly priced so I figured I might give them a try...but then I saw this 21 piece pack of smaller, thinner black evolution hair ties. The included hair tie holder sold me. I had to take the plunge and try them out. I was so impressed that I went back and bought a 14 piece pack of translucent white hair ties in the larger size.

They are smooth and composed uniformly of a gelly silicone-like substance (so they are also snag-free). But these hair ties magically seem to just stay put. They really don't slip. I can put my hair up in a bun on top of my head using one of these and go to sleep...and my hair will actually STAY in that bun until morning. I move around quite a bit during my this is quite a feat.

I've also worn these new hair ties working out (ya know...jumping, dancing around, etc.) and my ponytail or bun stays exactly where it's supposed to. These hair ties are godsend for athletes and dancers.

But that's not the only reason these things are amazing. They are STRONG. Over the years, I have a few friends with super thick hair who constantly break hair ties. They only could use the thicker hair ties because the smaller ones didn't stand a chance. Well, I can say with certainty that even the thickest of hair is no match for these bad boys. They STRETCH. Even the smaller ones would be perfect for super thick hair.

And, since they really don't slip, you don't have to wrap them around a million times to make them stay put. I don't even need to wrap the little black ones around a second time to get them to stay in place (but I usually do anyway just to be extra safe).

As an added bonus, I am absolutely in love with the hair tie holder that my first set came with. Such a simple but such a GENIUS idea. As you can see in the image above, I added my white hair ties to this little pink thing. It's made of the same non-slip silicone-like gelly stuff that the hair ties are made of, so there's no real danger of it coming loose on one end. I constantly lose my hair ties so this is a great thing to have.

But...I am super confused. I cannot seem to find the smaller hair ties online anywhere. I wanted to find a site that carries the pack that includes the hair tie holder and link to it in this post. But I couldn't find them in cyberspace. However, I can assure you that they do exist and that CVS is currently carrying them in its stores. I have seen them at two different CVS stores as recently as yesterday.

I highly recommend these new hair ties for all hair types. My only warning is to (as you always should) remember to be gentle when removing the hair ties. They are completely smooth, so they are less likely to get tangled in your hair than traditional hair ties which have fibers and grooves. But, since they are so slip resistant, you should remove them slowly instead of yanking them out all at once. Unwrap the hair tie slowly if you wrapped it around. You want to be careful not to accidentally create too much friction and yank out some stray hairs.

But that's just common sense. These things are amazing! I will never go back to traditional hair ties. Head over to CVS and grab some!

<3 Bee