Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Love

Top two boxes: "Cherry Me"  Bottom two boxes: "Grapevine"
I picked up a couple of Maybelline's new Baby Lips lip balms at Target last week and I am so glad that I did!

These balms are super hydrating. They really do leave my lips feeling baby soft. More importantly, they contain SPF 20! They are lightly and pleasantly scented (to smell like the fruits after which each shade is named), but not flavored. Application of these balms is super smooth and imparts a light, sheer coat of just the right amount of color. They are not lipstick--just tinted balms. But I must say, I really like the two colors I picked up. I went for the two that appeared to be the most pigmented (a couple of them don't seem to have any color at all).

"Cherry Me" has a nice bright pink tint to it (as shown on my lips in the top right corner of the image). Despite its name, it's more of a pink than a red--doesn't have any orange tones to it (so it won't make your teeth look yellow).

The aptly named "Grapevine" has a nice grape-colored, purple, berry tint to it (as shown on my lips in the bottom left corner of the image). It looks really dark in the tube, but the color is very sheer once applied. I would say that this color is the more subdued of the two I purchased.

I think I prefer "Cherry Me" but I  am very pleased with both of these colors. These little guys are a great thing to carry around in my purse for whenever my lips need some extra moisture and to continually apply to keep my lips protected from the sun.

I am thrilled that these little guys have adequate sun protection. With summer just around the corner, it is crucial to remember that our lips need protection from the sun too! It's so easy to worry about the skin on your face and forget to apply SPF to your lips--especially since the vast majority of lip products contain no SPF.

Oh, and did I mention that they are totally affordable?? At just $2.99 a piece at Target, these lip balms are a total steal. Stock up on these little gems and you will keep your lips beautifully healthy--and you'll look cute while doing it!

<3 Bee