Friday, August 3, 2012

Fab 5 Under $4

Feeling thrifty? These five fabulous products will leave you feeling beautiful AND practical.

$3, Target
I am amazed that I found a flat top brush that I absolutely love for just $3. It has become my absolute favorite powder brush. The bristles feel smooth and soft, but are dense enough to stand firm and buff powders into the desired level of coverage. Helps me achieve the matte coverage I prefer when applying mineral foundation, but also works wonders with blush and finishing powder. So far, no shedding (which is a major plus). I don't think it will last forever (I predict that the metal brush head will detach at some point). But for the price, I could just stock up on these and be as rough on them as I want!

$1.99, drugstores
I absolutely love the look of matte nails and I was looking into purchasing some Zoya or O.P.I. matte colors. While shopping around, I discovered that you can buy matte top coats and just paint over the colors you already have to give them that matte effect. The top coats I found weren't cheap, but I figured they would be worth it since they would keep me from purchasing all new matte colors. Before I decided to pull the trigger and just buy one, I saw this N.Y.C. matte top coat at Target. For a $1.99, I figured it was worth a shot. Works like a charm! Completely dulls away the glossy shine of any polish. It's fun playing around and seeing how different polishes look with the matte coat on top. Turns out there is no need to shell out the extra cash on a high end brand to achieve perfectly matte nails after all.

This is a great little eyelash curler! It works well, comes with a replacement rubber pad, and is easy and comfortable to grip. What more could you want from an eyelash curler? At just one dollar, this little guy is a total steal!

$2.99, Target
EOS lip balms smell great and actually make my lips feel softer, smoother, and healthier. I just had one quibble with these little spheres of goodness: where's the SPF!? The other flavors don't provide any protection. But for some reason, this deliciously scented flavor contains SPF, making it a total must-have.
$2.99, Target

This pretty much universally flattering light punch of color has enough moisturizing power and enough sun protection (SPF 20!) to bring a smile to even the pickiest of pouts. And it's only $2.99!

See? Beauty pick-me-ups for any budget!


<3 Bee